Throughout his life, Andrew has held an active commitment to service work, which is where his prowess in magic developed. After serving on an area Habitat for Humanity board of directors for five years, Andrew honed his magic skills in off-moments on other service projects (soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and the like) and “went pro” in 2001, developing and performing his style of Accent Magic in some of New York’s elite nightspots and events before founding August Magic with Joseph Kerr.

Andrew's diverse experience has brought him a stellar roster of clients and associates – from film's Robert De Niro to music's Wyclef Jean. Look for Andrew's cameo appearance in the upcoming Damon Dash/Columbia Pictures release, "Death of a Dynasty". Andrew’s ability to connect with all of his audiences has been extremely well received and lauded, garnering him praise in the New York Daily News for his performance for Naomi Campbell.

After coming from an intensive premedical and theater background in his studies at Washington University, Andrew worked in public relations and music production, became a New York State EMT, and served as a key graphic designer for several Manhattan businesses and organizations, later continuing his education at Columbia. In between it all, Andrew enjoys rock climbing, skydiving, improvisational theater, and songwriting.

Deo Gloria.

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