To see Joseph Kerr is to see magic realized.
A master of both the magical and martial arts, by age nineteen Joseph had become one of the premier magicians in the New York scene, all while garnering several academic honors: graduating from New York’s prestigious Bronx Science, having an original short story published, and earning a National Merit Scholarship for his studies in economics and anthropology at Hunter College. Joseph’s weekly performances at Abracadabra earned him much acclaim (first place in competition and other honors), as well as his celebrated competition shortpieces. His dynamic creativity, humor, and raw technical prowess have lent him a very far-reaching influence: most magicians in New York can directly cite Joseph Kerr's influence in their work.

Joseph has been featured in the Village Voice, appeared numerous times on several television programs, has been seen in the New York Times, and is mentioned routinely in Time Out New York. He has served as a personal magic consultant for Michael Jackson and Mohammad Ali (an avid magician), and as a guest lecturer for the Museum of the City of New York. He has also consulted for several independent films (magic, special effects, and fight choreography), as well as with magazines, including Modern Bride. A gifted and patient teacher, Joseph will be lecturing at several conventions this fall and will release a series of DVDs featuring his innovations in magic.

Joseph is the founder of August Magic: Magicians in Training, a school of magic dedicated to sharing and refining artistry in magic and personal development in artists. In addition to his tireless contributions to the art and community of magic, Joseph also has a devotion to community service, working regularly with a variety of charities and service organizations. During his spare time Joseph reads, generates new magic, sleeps, practices martial arts, and enjoys intimate gatherings with friends (as well as nurturing his love of Indian Poetry-Bangles).

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